About Rainbow 4 Africa UK

A message from the Chairman

On behalf of my fellow Trustees, volunteers and everyone who supports Rainbow for Africa UK, welcome to our website.

I am very proud to lead a team of dedicated individuals who are passionate about making a difference to the communities that we serve. Since we moved our first steps to 2016 when the charity was formally registered, we have worked together as a team of clinicians and professionals to set about to make a direct impact on the lives of the people in the most desperate areas of Nairobi.

Our fundamental aim is to create long-term, sustainable health change within the communities we work, ensuring people have the knowledge, skills and means to break the cycle of poor health and poverty. We have set out our five-year plan to ensure that we meet our target and with the help of our local partners and volunteers, we are making a difference and delivering on our promise.

Within the last three years we have partnered with some amazing organisations such as The University of Nairobi Chaplaincy to offer various interventions like free medical camps and donated lifesaving medical equipment in some of the most in need areas of Kenya. These activities are having a very positive impact on communities and I am pleased to report that Rainbow for Africa UK, although being a small charity, is making a big difference.

Together we can make even more change, please contact us and join us on our journey.

Thank You

Dr. Massimo Gozzelino

Chairman of the Board of Trustees