Anisha Ananthram

I am a doctor based in the West Midlands. When I first heard about Rainbow for Africa and what they stood for, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to get involved with the charity.

Rainbow for Africa, not only provides medical support for people in areas where they may not be able to afford healthcare or have easy access to it but they also provide training and support for local clinicians. Working in collaboration with the local communities, helping to make sustainable improvements for the long term.

When working with the charity, I got the opportunity to help out in the free medical camps where some people had travelled very far to get medical support and advice. We supported the medical students during the clinical consultations.


Here we did a medical clinic in the slums, providing support and advice where we could.

Spending a few days in a orphanage with the children was a great experience. They gave us a great welcome.


We carried out some developmental assessments and reviewed some of their medical issues.

We did some teaching and training sessions for medical students at the local university, as well as at the local hospital for the different hospital staff.

They were very enthusiastic and it also gave us an opportunity to learn more about the challenges that they faced.



After the teaching session, they wanted to show us their appreciation in their own way, which can be seen in this video.


During my experience, I’ve met some incredible people. Having this opportunity to volunteer with Rainbow for Africa has been a truly unique, amazing and eye opening experience.

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