A message from our Chairman

On behalf of my fellow Trustees, volunteers and everyone who supports Rainbow for Africa UK, welcome to our website.

I am very proud to lead a team of dedicated individuals who are passionate about
making a difference to the communities that they serve, and often live within.
We are a network of volunteers, including - but not limited to - health professionals
who work together with local partners in various African countries to promote and
deliver equal access to dignified living conditions and health interventions, to
underprivileged groups of the population.
Our fundamental aim is to create long-term, sustainable health improvement within
the communities in which we work, ensuring people have the knowledge, skills and
means to break the cycle of poor health and poverty.
To achieve our objectives we rely on a horizontal collaborative approach to planning
and delivering interventions, working together with local volunteers and partner
We offer clinical coaching and clinical input during free medical camps, remotely
support the delivery of healthcare interventions in low resource settings using
communication technology and deliver a variety of healthcare training programmes
in collaboration with local partners to support access to an evidence-based, cost-
effective healthcare toolkit for underprivileged communities. Over the years, we have
developed a particularly sought after Ultrasound modular training programme which
involves the upskilling of health professionals and lay community health workers in
the utilization of portable ultrasound technology as the main source of diagnostic
imaging in remote and underserved areas.
Over the last few years, we have partnered with a selection of excellent
governmental, non-governmental, humanitarian and multiple religious organizations.
Most importantly, we have created a robust network of relationships among
motivated individuals sharing the same ideal and interest in affirming Health as a
Human Right.
At a time when a divisive culture prevails in several countries emphasizing
differences, the Rainbow For Africa network promotes equality and the value of
collaborative work by building bridges amongst individuals irrespective of their
cultural identities, race, belief, orientation or religion.
Together we can make a difference. Please contact us and join us on our journey.

Dr. Massimo Gozzelino

Chairman of the Board of Trustees