Mohamed Chunara

I am a Consultant Radiologist based in Liverpool with a specialist interest in head, neck and abdominal imaging.
Partnering with R4A for my first charitable trip to Nairobi remains one of the best decisions I have made. Not only was I able to share the knowledge I am fortunate to have gained in the U.K. with those operating under far more challenging settings in Kenya, but I did so with an incredibly talented team of health professionals.

Every single member of this international team operates selflessly in their efforts to upskill the local healthcare providers with a unifying aim - to improve the lives of those much less fortunate than us.

Ultrasound training workshop at Westlands Health Facility, Kenya
What comes to mind when I look back over this picture is the genuine passion to learn and unfaltering attention that this group demonstrated.  You may think this was a one off occurrence - well I can confirm, that this was the ethos at every site we ran our sessions at and goes to show just how dedicated the local team are in their efforts to build their knowledge base.
Deep Sea Slum
Despite having comparatively less material wealth than some of the more affluent neighbourhoods in Kenya, there was definitely no shortage of resilience,  optimism and strong family values amongst the slum-dwellers.
In this picture, we stand close to a purpose-built facility for those nearing the end of life that was funded by the charity and its local partners.
This experience taught me - amongst many things -  that we have so much more than we could ever need in Europe and that we should be so grateful for the life we have been blessed with. 

The charity really needs ongoing support to enable further projects to continue in the future and I hope to be fortunate enough to join them once again soon!

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