Dr. Massimo Gozzelino

Dr Massimo Gozzelino

Massimo is a GP (Family Doctor) Principal in Sefton, Merseyside. Massimo has a long term interest in international co-operation, from the time he joined MSF as young doctor; this interest naturally led him to set up R4A UK. Family means everything to Massimo and the thing he loves most about R4A UK is ‘that family feel of a network of generous people spending their free time together creating good for others.’


Dr Manisha Bhatnagar

Manisha is a GP (Family Doctor) in Sefton, Merseyside. Manisha says ‘I love being part of the Rainbow 4 Africa UK team, the way we all have a joint mission and are dedicated to improve the healthcare and lives of others.’ Manisha’s hobbies are centred on her family, who she takes hiking and travelling. She enjoys music and movies, and when she gets some peaceful time to herself she enjoys a good book. 


Mr Mario Spatuzzi

Mario is a Company Director of a successful Print company on Merseyside. “I love that a group of strangers have come together for a joint cause to help make a difference at a time when the world seems to going in reverse. Rainbow for Africa UK makes a real difference and I have seen the evidence of this happening.”


Dr Evonne Osborne

Evonne is a GP (Family Doctor) in Liverpool, Merseyside. “I think it is fantastic how R4A UK works with local volunteers directly, people living and working in the slums as well as local healthcare providers and communities. I have enjoyed meeting these passionate people, working together to make things change for the better and witnessing first-hand what they have achieved.”


Dr Mohamed H Chunara

Mohamed is a Consultant Radiologist based in Liverpool with a specialist interest in head, neck and abdominal imaging. "Partnering with R4A for my first charitable trip to Nairobi remains one of the best decisions I have made. Every single member of this international team operates selflessly in their efforts to upskill the local healthcare providers with a unifying aim - to improve the lives of those much less fortunate than us."


Dr Sebastiano Fichera

Sebastiano holds the position of Senior Lecturer in aerospace engineering at the University of
Liverpool. He is also a co-founder and serves as the Technical Director of Robotiz3d. Passionate
about advancing engineering initiatives in economically disadvantaged regions, Sebastiano has actively collaborated with various startups in Kenya and South Africa in recent years towards this goal. He aspires to lend his expertise to address the technical challenges of R4A UK and further enhance its mission and impact.