Ultrasound is considered a safe and effective diagnostic tool at the bedside but up until recently, it’s use in remote settings was limited by the lack of efficient portable solutions.

In the past few years, rapid development of computing power led by the voracious demand for new medical technology has made its way into sonography with the development of highly-efficient portable ultrasound probes.

This presented an opportunity to deliver ultrasound training sessions for those operating under remote settings, primarily centred on the basics of ultrasound needed to investigate common medical/surgical/obstetric issues.

This will primarily benefit local healthcare teams where availability of diagnostic imaging is otherwise limited. An example of improved prognosis using portable ultrasound is with antenatal care in remote settings. Anticipating complications during labour can assist with planning the place of delivery and in turn reduce the risk of infant and maternal mortality.

The charity has negotiated with international providers of such technology and secured a number of probes to be provided to local healthcare partners in Kenya.

We aim to increase the number of such sessions and widen our audience over the coming years in light of excellent feedback.